Not your average first date…

Well, it’s officially February, meaning everyone’s favourite day is quickly approaching…Valentine’s Day!

Now, some people may be rolling their eyes, wiping their tears, or gagging from disgust at the mention of Valentine’s Day. It’s me, I’m people. Listen, I’m not complaining about love and affection or getting spoiled, that’s always nice to receive! I just rather be spoiled by someone wanting to do it out of the kindness of their heart, not because they feel obligated to spoil me on a specific day thanks to societal norms.

Anyways, I digress. Because we’re leading up to Valentine’s Day, I thought it would be fun to focus the next few blog posts on love. Well, I guess I can’t speak much on love seeming as how I’ve never been in love, but I can definitely speak to ridiculous Tinder relationships, which make much funnier stories in my opinion. Today, I’m going to be giving you all the details on my first date. And, can I just quickly mention, I know that this story is worthy of many eye rolls for foolish behaviour on my part, but try not to judge me too much, alright? I cringe at my past decisions just as much.

Now, when most people picture someone’s first date, they probably picture a 15 or 16 year old. Well, your girl was a late bloomer and I didn’t end up having my first date until I was almost 19 years old. When I say first date, I mean I had literally never talked to a boy in a romantic way, never hung out with a boy in a romantic way, never held hands with a guy, and DEFINITELY never kissed a guy. Needless to say, when I started talking to a guy and he asked me to hangout, I wanted to vomit from how nervous I was.

Not that I think he would ever see this, but for the sake of privacy let’s call this boy Tyler. Of course, like almost every guy I’ve ever meet, I met Tyler on Tinder. I literally melted when he popped up on my Tinder; he was big, strong, tall, and bearded which are all qualities that make me a little weak in the knees. I swiped right and, to my surprise, we matched. Even more to my surprise, he ended up messaging me! Our conversations were typical, nothing too exciting or spicy, but they were pretty inconsistent at first due to the fact that I was on a family vacation in the East Coast. We talked for two or three weeks, even a couple of times on the phone, and we finally decided that we should go out on a date.

Now, when I say I wanted to vomit from nerves, I’m not kidding. The day of our date I felt overwhelmingly nauseous and anxious all day long. I was trying to come up with every excuse in the book to cancel, but one of my best friends refused to let me. To try and calm my nerves, I went to hang out with my friend and her boyfriend before heading to my date. As it started to get later and later into the evening, I started wondering why he hadn’t texted me to meet up yet.

At this point in time, I still worked at Tim Hortons, so I had a 5 AM shift the next morning that was creeping closer and closer with every hour he didn’t message me. I eventually messaged him and he said some friends were about to pack up and leave. More and more time passes by, and at this point I’m about to bail. I text Tyler and say hey, remember that 5 AM shift I have tomorrow? I don’t think I’m going to be able to hangout if this takes any longer. He claimed I never told him I had to work, but proceeded to rush his friend’s out the door and told me I could head over.

The whole way to his house, which was about a 20 minute drive, my hands were shaking to no end. I was so incredibly nervous but told myself if you don’t go now you probably never will. I should also mention that it was LATE at this point, but I told myself I just wouldn’t stay out long. Besides, we were only taking a drive and grabbing a coffee, how long could that take? Eventually, I get to his house and tell him I’m there. As soon as I see him walking to my car I’m overwhelmed with nerves, and I just keep telling myself to play it cool. He gets in the car, we introduce ourselves, and I start driving.

Something you should know about me is the fact that I talk a lot, but I talk EVEN MORE when I feel nervous or when there are awkward silences in a situation…so it’s safe to say I could not shut up even if I wanted too. I was literally blurting out a million questions a minute. The word vomit had been triggered and there was no way of me stopping it. We talked about typical first date topics, like how many siblings we have and where we went to school, but some of my obscure questions also lead to obscure answers, like him confessing to me that he had frosted tips in high school that he thought made him the ultimate stud. Another talking point that we reached on our drive was the fact that we had both never hit an animal while driving before. I shit you not, not even 5 minutes after that topic of discussion ended, a ballsy rabbit comes darting out in front of my car, causing us both to scream as I swerved as quickly as possible out of the way.

We had been driving for a long time, and because I was so nervous I didn’t even realize what time it was. Something else I should mention in this story is that I didn’t have a car of my own. I got to drive my parent’s car because my dad worked out of the country so I was the primary driver in the house, but I was not allowed to drive it very far or very late. So, as it got later into the night, my mom starts calling me to figure out where I am. To avoid a million questions and concerns, I didn’t tell my mom I was going on this date, I just said I was hanging out with two friends. So, when her number popped up on the car’s Bluetooth, I came very close to having a heart attack. I declined it, and tried to remain calm in front of Tyler but, in actuality, I wanted to cry I was so anxious.

We still hadn’t even got coffee yet, so we pulled in to the nearest Tim’s to order some drinks before we headed home. I texted my mom, trying to play off that my friend’s and I were watching a movie and it wasn’t over yet. Obviously, that didn’t work. She starts texting me that I work early in the morning and I need to get home, now. Problem was, I was pretty damn far from home at this point so, even if I said I was leaving now, I wouldn’t be home for at least an hour I’m sure. Amidst all this chaos, I accidentally told the lady on the drive-thru speaker, “Thank you, we’ll see you at the window!” instead of just saying “thank you” which caused Tyler to burst out in laughter and caused me to want to dump my coffee over my own head.

I seriously don’t think I’ve ever driven as fast as I did that night. The texts and calls from my mom kept coming, and they kept getting more and more furious. I mean, I can’t really blame her. There I was, on my first date, with my foot to the floor and my heart about to burst out of my chest, all while trying to act like everything was fine in front of a boy who I was already completely smitten with. We were in the home stretch, bombing down the road, when all of a sudden Tyler yells for me to pull over. Reluctantly, I pull into a parking lot and ask what’s wrong. He told me I needed to go back because he seen a guy passed out on the curb and he needs to make sure he’s okay.

I was honestly speechless. Why me, why now?! Why is today the day that I need to be faced with such a huge moral dilemma. On the one hand, I have my mom furiously texting me and telling me that all my privileges are essentially gone and if I didn’t get home soon she’d be calling my dad…which is the worst thing possible to happen. On the other hand, there is a man apparently on the side of the road who needs help or God only knows what could happen to him. I’ll be honest, I selfishly wanted to keep racing home. But, I turned around so we could see what was going on with this guy.

As soon as I pulled into a gas station, Tyler jumped out and took off running towards the guy on the ground. Not even 30 seconds later, a huge truck pulls into the parking lot I was in. The window rolls down and it’s a lady, basically explaining the same thing that just happened to us. Her and her husband were bombing down the road, when her husband noticed the guy on the curb, prompting them to turn around and see what was wrong. To catch you up to speed, Tyler and some man are now checking on another man who is incoherent on a patch of grass on the side of the road, I have a woman yapping my ear off about how she couldn’t believe what was happening, and my phone blowing up from my mother threatening me with every consequence she can think of.

Tyler eventually runs back over to the car and hops in. I ask him what’s going on, and he proceeds to tell me the guy is on something and threatened to stab Tyler and the other man if they didn’t leave him alone, and then proceeded to stumble off into the night. I tried to quickly wrap the situation up as politely as possible and asked if we were good to go home. He told me that the other guy had called the police and he wanted to stay in order to give a “report”. I honestly could’ve cried at that point, and I’m surprised I didn’t. I bit my tongue and kept my mouth shut, still trying to play it as calm, cool and collected as humanly possible. A few moments went by and we see an emergency vehicle slowly pull up, and then drive right on past us. Thankfully, at that point, Tyler decided it was alright for me to take him home.

With my foot to the floor once again, we very quickly reached his house. Although it was quite the roller coaster of a first date, I did really like him and I had a great time hanging out with him. He said he had a great time and asked if he was going to see me again. I said that I would like that, so it was up to him if he was going to ask me out again or not. He smiled and looked at me and said, “Meh, I’ll think about it.” I laughed and looked away, saying “Wow, real nice…” and when I looked back at him, it happened. My first kiss. It was quick, but it was so sweet. Afterwards, he looked at me and smiled and said “Yeah…I’ll definitely be seeing you again.” I know, so mush right? I can’t help it, it really was the perfect end to a very memorable first date.

I was honestly giddy as I drove home. Although it was still very much present, I forgot about the fear I had of my mother’s wrath for a quick moment and called my friend to announce my new milestone. We gushed on the phone as I simultaneously drove home like a maniac. I honestly can’t even remember what happened when I got home. Yes, my mother was furious, but it obviously wasn’t too detrimental seeming as how I can’t remember any specifics. I’ll tell you one thing though, I was dead tired the next day at work. But, none of that mattered to me at that point. I obviously would be lying if I said I ever expected my first date to come with so many hiccups, but it was special nonetheless and a funny story I’ll always hold near and dear to my heart.

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Thanks for reading!


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