Bask in all forms of your beauty.

There are obvious differences between these two pictures.

In the first picture, you’re looking at a girl whose makeup took at least two hours to do, if not more. I took my time, meticulously layering and blending shadows, shaping and sculpting my brows, sweeping bronzer, blush and highlight across my cheeks so they are perfectly flushed and accentuated. Hours spent expressing myself, having fun, and feeling fierce.

In the second picture, you’re looking at a girl who woke up, washed her face, slapped on some mascara and tackled another work day. A girl with rosy cheeks, an uneven complexion, sparse brows and dry lips. However, you’re also looking at a girl who felt just as confident in that picture as she did in the first. When I took the second picture, I was captivated by my blue eyes that I rarely take the time to stop and admire, and I got excited about the sunlight enhancing my blonde hair and the natural wave it took on throughout the day.

On days where I look like the first picture, I will bask in how I feel. I won’t be ashamed about feeling myself or taking a glance at the glam I put so much effort in to when I walk past a reflective surface. But, I refuse to apologize or feel bad about how I look on days like the second picture. I will bask in my natural beauty. I will appreciate my blue eyes whether they are layered in shadows or completely bare. I will appreciate my skin, whether I’m wearing a flawless base of makeup or whether I’m letting it breathe and be naked.

We owe it to ourselves to be nice to ourselves, as silly as it may sound. We will have our bad days, our down days, and our “hide away from the world” days. But, we need to refuse to let those days become our every day. We owe it to ourselves to find confidence in all of our different forms. It may not always be easy but, damn, is it ever worth it.


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